Old Hickory Lake Bowmen Club

Old Hickory Lake Bowmen Club
Membership Rules

The Hermitage lock is opened around 9 a.m. until approximately one hour before dark. 

Memberships run September 1-August 31 of the following year

Membership fees are $100 for individual memberships and $150 for family memberships.

  • Family memberships are open to Parents and children still living in the home.
    • Only ONE key is distributed per family membership.
    • Once inside the parking lot, members are required to shut the gate behind them.
  • Members should sign in and out under the pavilion when using the range.
  • Members should display their membership cards at all times while using the range. (Will be mailed in October 2016)
  • Members are allowed to bring up to (2) guests, up to twice a year each.
  • Members are required to attend at least ONE club meeting, and at least ONE work party per year.
  • Broadheads, including practice broadheads, are prohibited on the range at all times.
  • Use the trashcans for all trash.
  • ALL club members are required to have fun!

ANY violation of these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the club without refund.
Please keep the range clean. We have a great place here and we have great things coming in the future. Please take care of the range and targets. Leave the range in as good or better shape than you found it.