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Old Hickory Lake Bowmen Club

Tech Tip

As deer season comes opens up there are a few notes here to remember. 

1)If you will be hunting in the rain this year, remember to wax your string before your hunt. Doing so will help bead the wax off your string and keep in from soaking in.

2) Don't just shoot your bow at deer. Practice with your bow before each hunt, even if its only for a shot or two. 

3) Never keep open exposed broadheads in your case with your bow. The last thing you want is to show up at the stand and have a broken string from a broadhead hitting it. Buy a small Plano case for storing broadheads.

4) Always always always wear your safety harness. 

Old Hickory Lake Bowmen Club

January 28      Winter “Warm-Up”/ Practice for Foley, AL Pro/Am 25 Targets
February 18    State Qualifier / Practice for Foley, AL Pro/Am 20 Targets
March 18         Open Shoot / Practice for ASA Ft. Benning, GA Pro/Am 25 Targets
April 22            State Qualifier / Practice for Augusta, GA Pro/Am 20 Targets 
May 27            Open Shoot/Practice for ASA London, KY Pro/AM 25 Targets
June 18           Open Shoot / Practice for ASA Metropolis, IL Pro/Am 25 Targets
July 20-22       Tennessee ASA State Championship 30 Targets
August 19       All Deer Shoot 20 Targets

 ASA Qualifier Paperwork